lenovo-thinkpad-sl410 laptop battery life
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When I bought my laptop it had 6 hour battery life. After 
one year it's now 30 minutes max battery life. HOW CAN 
THIS BE!!?What had caused it? How can I prevent this from 
happening again?  Should I buy a new one online ?  http://www.askbattery.com/lenovo-thinkpad-sl410.html  
How  about this one ? 
askbattery.com is a major manufacturer and retailer for the laptop battery , AC Adapter/Charger replacement with high quanlity.1 year warranty,Brand New Original. http://www.askbattery.com/lenovo-thinkpad-edge-15inch.html
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Can you speak in french, please?

It will be greater for all the people who use this forum.


For your battery, perhaps it's a bad usage that causes the damage. You should change it for better results.



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