How to retrieve accidentally erased documents from Windows PC hard disk?
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By my mistake all files misplaced from PC hard disk. That was very precious files for me. I don't want to lose those files. Guys, please suggest me any solution for files recovery from my Windows XP based PC.

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This site is a French site and cannot answer.
Thank you for the understanding.


Qui aime l'instruction, trouve la connaissance qui vient de la réflexion. PS Créez un point de restauration le plus souvent possible ! cela vous évitera de nombreux ennuis.

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Fou du volant

Hi ;)

You can try "PC inspector file recovery" which you can download here :


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Hey! You can visit prodatadoctor .net for recovery of lost data from Windows hard disk:



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Fidèle à VIC. Ancien

you have lost to them how? have you deleted and put in the trash?

I can also give you this link to translate messages. It is nice:

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